Visual rehabilitation also aides in improving the vision for those that currently suffer from low vision. Low vision is a broad term used to describe significant visual impairments that unfortunately can’t be fully corrected with traditional vision therapy or ocular prosthetic devices such as glasses, contacts, eye surgery, or medication. Low vision is a rather frustrating condition and can affect how a person participates in everyday tasks such as driving, sightseeing, and viewing TV/computer screens.

If you or a loved one suffers from eye conditions that makes activities of daily living difficult, please consider the benefits of having a low vision vision evaluation. During evaluation and assessment, we will help you utilize your remaining vision using visual aides, magnification, lighting and devices. Depending on your level of vision and visual goals, we will customize solutions to optimize functional vision to improve your quality of life.

Low vision examinations and devices are typically not covered by vision insurance, but it’s recommended that you check your policy to confirm your coverage and treatment options before paying out of pocket or setting up a payment plan with our office. Depending on the severity of your case, low vision devices may even help you drive on your own or help you become more self-sufficient in reading, cooking, and watching TV.

If you have any questions about low vision, please contact us today at (415) 585-6588.