Geneva Eye Care is proud to offer scleral lenses for our patients. Scleral contact lenses are often used for people who are unable to wear traditional contact lenses as there are plenty of eye conditions where contact lenses simply won’t work.

A scleral lens gets its name because the lens covers the whole eye instead of just a portion of the cornea. These lenses rest on the sclera, or the white part of your eye. Since they are much larger than traditional lenses, sclera lenses are more stable on the eyes and are not easily dislodged.

Scleral lenses are also quite comfortable—once you put them in! In fact, some patients report that scleral lenses are easier to apply and much more comfortable than wearing traditional contact lenses. It is for this reason that scleral lenses are considered a life-changing alternative for patients suffering from sensitive eyes or irregularly shaped corneas. Scleral lenses can be used by people who suffer from dry eyes, corneal scarring, or ocular conditions such as keratoconus or pellucid degeneration.

These specialty lenses can often be more expensive than traditional lenses because they are custom-made to fit your eyes. It takes special tools and imaging devices to measure your eyes and order your lenses. Vision insurance can help with these extra costs, and we will be happy to discuss payment plan options at your visit. The cost of scleral lenses greatly depends on the severity of your case, but can be upwards of $4,000 or more.

If you have any questions about scleral lenses or if you want to set up an appointment to try them, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (415) 585-6588.